air traffic management

Aloft Aviation Consulting is a team of professionals who are experienced in the design, development, and management of air traffic management and control systems. This experience, from air traffic controllers to ATC facility managers and traffic flow and safety specialists can support enhancement of airport operations, airspace modifications, equipment modernization and Safety Management Systems.

Areas of expertise:

Terminal Operations Enhancement – utilize expertise in operational analysis of safety and efficiency, risk management for procedural development, and training in high-volume traffic handling.

Airspace and Efficiency – address historic bottlenecks causing delays, increased costs and lost revenue – independent analysis can offer efficiencies now while we plan together for the future.

Prepare for the Future – apply operational expertise now to assist in the Integration of NextGen and SESAR procedures and systems in your ATM system.

Safety and Performance Management – create a single safety system utilizing internationally accepted SMS concepts and APF Methodology™ to measure and manage safety in ATM operations and remain in regulatory compliance.

Audit for Performance – conduct internal audits in conformance to ICAO standards to insure compliance. Find problem areas before the regulator does.