Safety Performance Management

Managing Safety and Risk Performance

There is growing conviction within aviation about the need to complement the existing compliance-based approach to safety with a performance-based approach…”

ICAO Safety Management Manual (Doc 9859) (Emphasis added)

Safety can only be managed if performance can be measured.

“The easiest way to make people do silly things is to measure them against mindless objectives. I think SMS was always a serious and practical idea.It is supposed to change the way you manage risk. Find a way to measure those changes and you will find a way to drive effective implementation.”
Voss, William R.  “SMS Reconsidered.”  AeroSafety World  May 2012:1.

But often measuring safety performance results in a deluge of detail with little sense of what it all means. We understand that safety performance measures must be more than just collecting the data and will help ensure that the performance measures capture the operational context – the critical knowledge of how and why operational risk exists.

Critically we need to focus on the reason we collect safety data – to measure and understand risk! Rather than simply recording and counting the number and type of safety reports received, we need to analyse what each report means in terms of risk. Unfortunately this is probably the weak link in most safety management systems (see link to article).

With a wealth of real-life experience as managers and safety professionals, Aloft understands the dilemma and has products to address it:

  • Web-­‐based software which translates your KPI data into a graphical business tool
  • Uses your existing data, your experts and your judegement
  • Measures intangibles and establishes a value to measure your safety
  • Tracks performance against baseline
  • Helps balance production and protection by combining measures of both in one tool
  • Saves safety resources spent on repetitive analyses to add safety value
  • More…
  • World leading BowTie risk software
  • A simple, visual explanation of risk that is instantly understandable
  • Summarises safety knowledge and highlights the key elements
  • Isolates weaknesses in well-defended hazards
  • Documents risk control frameworks
  • Visualises your SMS on a BowTie
  • Makes risk communication efficient and understandable
  • More…
  • Continuous risk monitoring using your existing safety data
  • Measure your risk for key accident hazards
  • Drill down to risk diagnostics such as threat rates, control weaknesses and recovery detail
  • Assess system vulnerability
  • Leverage all safety data to update risk on the fly
  • Sharpens risk management accountability
  • Use “Smart Data Capture” to update risk related data