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Aviation Training – People Make the Difference

aviation training course attendantsWe know aviation from the ground up – from the front line to the executive suite – because our team has worked their way up through the ranks to increasingly responsible positions in the aviation world. For this reason, we have a deep understanding of what is needed in aviation training to help your employees face the unique challenges of the industry.  From narrowly focused tactical concerns, to the strategic national level planning and administration, to creating a safety culture, we’ve done it all.  Investing in that kind of experience-based training for your people will ultimately make the difference in your organization’s success.  Following is a sample of our expertise:

Safety Management Systems (SMS): training for directors or senior managers

SMS is more than a set of policies and procedures, prescribed by ICAO and other regulators. SMS is a way of keeping a grip on safety and a way of doing business. This course shows senior managers what SMS can bring to them and how they can show leadership on safety. With a minimum of theory, and a maximum of practical examples from the industry, the course participant will have a thorough understanding on all aspects of SMS, without wasting precious time with unnecessary details.

Safety Culture: training for senior managers

What is safety culture? Profit and cost management drive every commercial organization, including aviation. Seeking the right balance between financial health and safety is a need for everyone who deals with safety risks in organizations and defines safety culture.

Safety Culture can be measured and, therefore, areas for improvement on safety culture can be identified. Many organizations have done this over the last five years and have seen major improvements in their overall safety performance as a result of a well-functioning safety culture. Being informed on what the safety risks are, being able to discuss them openly, and being motivated and empowered to take safety initiatives are just a few examples of how an organization with a good safety culture functions. This course shows what a senior manager can do to manage safety culture and thereby reduce his or her own liability for accidents and serious incidents.

Just Culture: training for senior managers

Without a Just Culture environment, not all incidents will be reported. This could be an understatement!

Just Culture is a term often used or abused, but this important enabler – or showstopper – for an organization to learn from reported incidents is very often in the hands of the senior manager of the operator, or the regulator, or even the prosecutor. This course is about looking into the various aspects of Just Culture, and learning how to improve your organizational Just Culture by learning how others have done it successfully before you. Just Culture is more than just a term; it is very often an influencing mechanism as well as a discussion element on the interface between operators, regulators, and even the media. The course participant will be trained in why and how he or she can manage and steer the above process.

Safety Audit

The Safety Audit Training Course has been developed jointly by Aloft and ATM Safety Consultants and is designed to enable aviation safety experts, who are already fully experienced and knowledgeable in their own industry sectors, to become fully informed on the principles and practices of auditing, as applied within the management and oversight of civil aviation safety. This partnership offers comprehensive training in auditing principles and practices to all stakeholders who are engaged in maintaining and enhancing their corporate safety performance. Instruction is complemented by complex course exercises, to ensure successful application of auditing theory in practical and realistic conditions, matched to the specific needs of customer.