Safety Management

Insure Regulatory Compliance While Achieving a Positive Return on your Investment.

Integrate a network of aviation safety management services to strengthen each link in the safety chain. Integration reduces the risk of adverse events while supporting operational flexibility and underlying profitability. Aloft offers a complete menu of aviation safety management services including:

Risk Management – the Critical Success Factor in the Management of Safety in Aviation.

aviation safety - measuring riskWhile it is relatively easy to describe and document a process to manage risk, it proves extremely difficult for many organizations to implement a process in a cost effective way. Success for any organization demands putting together skills and understanding in risk management techniques with a very high level of technical subject matter knowledge. Required skills reside in the safety or risk department and among the pilots, engineers and others in the operational areas. The challenge is in bringing these two together in a cost effective, risk effective use of often expensive resources.

What’s the secret to success? Talk to organizations that have solved this problem and most will say they have “trained a small core group of risk management facilitators who can make this magic happen!” We will help you develop this essential core group of risk facilitators.

Safety Culture Assessments and SMS

Aviation Safety managers reviewing safety dataTo secure the full advantage and benefits of the implementation of a Safety Management System, a mature safety culture is an essential prerequisite. The evaluation and development of an organization’s safety culture is a logical and necessary element of the accomplishment of the level 4 status of SMS maturity and will benefit the further improvement of flight safety.

Aloft will help you make the safety culture and the SMS within your organization transparent, identify strong and weak elements of your current safety culture, and support overall improvement.

Fatigue Risk Management Science

Aloft can build a customized integrated FRMS/SMS solution or a “standalone” FRMS capability:

  • We analyze your current system with the world-renowned SAFE™ software model for roster/schedule analysis – the only model validated against airline crew performance studies.
  • We create a series of organizational options to manage risk.
  • We assess your flight operations and commercial targets to balance roster/schedule risk reduction practices through the eyes of our airline crew scheduling experts.
  • We enhance your operational productivity while balancing it safely with regulatory compliance.